PSVD2 - 27E-16.8/5.0 - XR Excavator Hydraulic Main Pumps Assy For SUNWARD 70 LOVOL 60 LIUGONG

Place of Origin Korea
Brand Name Own brand
Model Number PSVD2 - 27E
Minimum Order Quantity 1 SETS
Packaging Details wooden box
Delivery Time 1-7 Days for stock items, 10-25 days for production order
Payment Terms T/T , Western Union , RMB
Supply Ability 500 pcs each month

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Product Details
Stock Plenty Model PSVD2 - 27E
Machine SUNWARD 70 , LOVOL 60 , LIUGONG Appliion Excavator
Quotation Upon Quality Package Carton Or Wooden Box
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PSVD2 - 27E Hydraulic Main Pumps


Liugong Hydraulic Main Pumps

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Product Description
PSVD2 - 27E-16.8/5.0 - XR Excavator Hydraulic Main pumps Assy for SUNWARD 70 LOVOL 60 LIUGONG
Hydraulic Pump Model Excavator Machine Model Hydraulic Pump Model Excavator Machine Model
K3V63DT HD550V-2 SK100-2 SK100-3 SK120 SK120-2/ SK120-3 E311 E312 DH130 R130W-5 JCB130 A10VD43 EX60-2
K3V63DTP New Holland Kobelco E135SR-1ES A10VD43 SK60-1
K7V63DTP174R SK135SR-2 A10VD43 E307
K3V112DT SK07-2 SK07N2 SK200-2 SK200-3 SK220-1/ SK220-2 SH200-2 SH200A1 SH200A2 SH220 DH220-5-0 DH20LC-3 DH220-5-N DH258-5 DH258LCV R200W-5 R210LC-30 R210LC-3N R210-5-0 R210-5-N R220LC-5 R220-5 HD700-7 HD800-7 HD820/0 HD820-N HD1023 A10VD43 PC75UU-2
K3V112DT SK200-6 A10VD43 SH60
K3V112DT SK200-6E A10VD43SR1RS5-990-0 SK60
K3V112DTP17LR-9TDL   A10VD43SR1RS5-993-4 E70B
K3V112DT EC210B J3SP36 1DAR-9003-A E70B
K3V112DT-133R 9CIB     E120
K3v112dtp1k9r-yt2k-v     312C
K3V112DTP-16AR-9N49-1Z SH240A3 SPK10/10 E200B
K3V140DT SK300-2 DH300LC-5 DH280LC-3 R290LC-3 R300LC-5 EC290BL   E320
K3V140DT EC290B AP12P E320B
K3V112DTP-1TMR-9TFL-AV   A8VO107 E320B
K3V180DT DH320LC-3 HD1250-5 HD1250-7 SK400-2 SBS120 E320C
K3V180DT EC360BLC   320D
K3V180DTH EC460B   E325B
K3V140BDT   A8V0107L AIHI/60RI, A8VO107L A0H2 E325L
K3V180BDT     E325C
K3V180DT-IPKR-HLOP     E325D
K5V200DTH1X5R-9N1H-V   A8VO160 E330
K5V200DTH1X7R-9N0H-2V   A8VO160L E330B
K5V200DPH101P Zaxis 500 LCH main pump A8V0200LA1KH1/63R1 A8VO200 216-0038 E330C
K5V200DTH10JR-9CO2-VT R450LC-7, R450-7   E330D
K5V200DPH1DBR-ZS24-V, H5V200DPH1DBR-ZS24-V JS330 main pump A8VO200LA1KH1-63R1 E345
K5V140DT DH300-7, R305-7   E345B 345B
K5V140DTP109R-YT2K-V SK330-8 SK350-8 AP2D21  
K5V140DTP1V9R-9N05-V   AP2D36LV-997 308B 4M40
K5V80DTP 173R-9KOE1 -4X 298944 ZX130 AP2D14LV1RS7  
k5v160DTP1F9R-9Y04-HV SH350-3 AP2D9LV1RS7-987-0  
K3V180DTH EX400-3 AP2D25  
K3V280S EX1200-6 AP2D25 DH60-7
K7SP36/K7V28 ZX70-3 main pump   SH340
  PC30-3 hydraulic pump HPK055AT ZX120
  PC 40-8MR hydraulic pump   zx135
  PC100-2 HPV102GW ZX200-1
Hydraulic Main Pump:
JCB JS160 K3V63DT 9C08 Hydraulic Main Pump
JCB JS220 K3V112DT 9C32 Hydraulic Main Pump
R210LC/R250LC-7 K3V112DT 9C32 Hydraulic Main Pump
EC210/EC240 K3V112DT 9N32 Hydraulic Main Pump
JCB JS220 K3V112DTP 1M9R-9C79
Hydraulic Main Pump
R305LC-7 K5V140DTP-1J9R-9C12-A, K5V140DTP-9C12-1A
31N8-10070, 31N8-10080
Hydraulic Main Pump
R320LC-7(A) K3V180DT-1RER-9C69-C/D
Hydraulic Main Pump
R170W-7 K5V80DTP-1JHR-9C05-1A
31N5-15010, 31N5-15011
Hydraulic Main Pump
JCB JS160 K3V63DTP-1R0R-9С1H+P
Hydraulic Main Pump
S225/S255LC-V K3V112DTP-HNOV
Hydraulic Main Pump
EC360BLC 14566659
Hydraulic Main Pump
ZX200-3 HPV118 9262319 Hydraulic pump assy
(Handok with gearbox)
ZX330-3 HPV145 9257309,9260886 Hydraulic pump,single
R160LC-7 K5V80DT-1LCR-9C05 Hydraulic Main Pump
R170W-7 K5V80DTP-1JHR-9C05-1A Hydraulic Main Pump
R210LC-7 K3V112DT-1CER-9C32-1B Hydraulic Main Pump
R250LC-7 K3V112DT-1CER-9C32-2CL Hydraulic Main Pump
R290LC-7A, R305LC-7 K5V140DTP-1J9R-9C12-A, K5V140DTP-9C12-1A Hydraulic Main Pump
R320LC-7(A) K3V180DT-1RER-9C69-C/D Hydraulic Main Pump
R360LC-7(A) K3V180DTH-1P0R-9C0S Hydraulic Main Pump
R450LC-7(A) K5V200DTH-10AR-9C0Z-V Hydraulic Main Pump
R480LC-9(S) K5V200DTH-10WR-9N2Z-VT Hydraulic Main Pump
R500LC-7(A) K5V200DTH-10AR-9C0Z-V Hydraulic Main Pump
R520LC-9(S) K5V200DTH-10WR-9N2Z-VT Hydraulic Main Pump
R800LC-7A K3V280DTH-1AHR-9COH-V Hydraulic Main Pump
EC140BLC K3V63DT-1ZDR-9N0T-ZV, K3V63DT-1ZDR-9N0T-LZV Hydraulic Main Pump
EC160BLC, EC180BLC K5V80DT-1PDR-9N0Y-MZV Hydraulic Main Pump
EC210B, EC240BLC K3V112DT-1XER-9N2A-1 Hydraulic Main Pump
EC290BLC K3V140DT-1JER-9N04-1 Hydraulic Main Pump
EC330BLC, EC360BLC K3V180DTP-9N05-1 Hydraulic Main Pump
EC460BLC K3V180DTH-9N2B Hydraulic Main Pump
EC460BLC K5V200DTH-9N0B-V Hydraulic Main Pump
Doosan S225/S255LC-V K3V112DTP Hydraulic Main Pump
SOLAR 300LC-V K5V140DTP-1D9R-9N01 Hydraulic Main Pump
DX300LCA K5V140DTP-1N9R-9N07-V Hydraulic Main Pump
JCB JS 110, JCB JS 115, JCB JS 130, JCB JS 140, JCB JS 145, JCB JS 160, JCB JS 180 K3V63DT-1ROR-9COH-2+F Hydraulic Main Pump
JCB JS 110 K3V63DTP-1R9R-9G0J+F/P Hydraulic Main Pump
JCB JS 160 K3V63DTP-1R0R-9С1H+P Hydraulic Main Pump
JCB JS 190, JCB JS 200, JCB JS 220, JCB JS 240, JCB JS 260 K3V112DT-1G4R-9C12-1 Hydraulic Main Pump
JCB JS220 K3V112DTP-1GMR-9C79-1+F Hydraulic Main Pump
JCB JS330 K5V200DPH-1CAR-9C24 Hydraulic Main Pump





PSVD2 - 27E-16.8/5.0 - XR Excavator Hydraulic Main Pumps Assy For SUNWARD 70 LOVOL 60 LIUGONG 0




Q. Which countries have you exported?

ASIA: Iraq, UAE, Turkey, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Bangladesh, Kuwait, Lebanon

EUROPE: Russia, Kazakhstan, Greece, Norway, Ireland

OCEANIA: Australia, Fiji, Kiribati, New Caledonia

AMERICAS: Canada, Jamaica, Brazil, Peru, Chile,

AFRICA: Angola, South Africa, Kenya, Tanzania, Zambia, Sudan, South Sudan, Egypt, Algeri, Nigeria


Q: How can I get a quotation?
A: A complete quotation based on the details as follows in your inquiry:
1. Part No. 2.Engine model 3.Machinery model 4. Description and size

Picture. 6.. Quantity 6. Other requirements, such as Packing, Shipping and so on.


Q: 4. When can you deliver after sending deposit?
It depends on your order quantity, if we have stock then need about 3~10 working days get it ready, if no stock we will start to produce when the deposite received. Usually it takes 15-60 days for different items.

Q: How do you pack the goods?
We have 20 years experience on export, finished products will be carefully handled by three steps:
1: Wrapped with packing paper or plastic bag;
2: HKT / FUP box or neutral box;
3: Put in an appropriate carton box or wooden boxes and be fixed firmly.


Q: How can I know the status of my order?
We will keep you udpate the process of the preparation, to ensure all issues are resolved prior to the delivery.products pictures can be provided if required. We shall send out the goods immediately after confirmation and you will get the tracking information right away


Q: How to guarantee your service?

A. Strict inspection during production

B. Strictly check the products before shipment to ensure our packaging in good condition

C. Track and receive feedback from customer regularly


Q: What will you do for quality complaint ?

A. We will respond to customer within 24 hours.

B. Our QC will retest the same stock item, if confirmed it is quality problem, we will make corresponding compensation