15412 K3V63S 9Y00 Excavator Hydraulic Pumps For ZAX850 ZAX870 Piston Pump

Place of Origin KOREA
Brand Name HANDOK
Model Number K3V63S-N082R-9Y9X
Minimum Order Quantity 1PC
Packaging Details Wooden box
Delivery Time 1-7 Days for stock items, 10-25 days for production order
Payment Terms T/T, Western Union
Supply Ability 100 pcs each month

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Product Details
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K3V63S Excavator Hydraulic Pumps


ZAX850 Excavator Hydraulic Pumps


ZAX870 Piston Pump

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Product Description

15412 K3V63S-N082R 9Y00 Excavator Hydraulic Pumps for ZAX850 ZAX870 Piston pump


Quick Details

6 months
Customized support:
Brand Name:
aftermarket new
Model Number:
K3V63 K3V112 K3V140 K3V180 K3V280
Place of Origin:
Other, Automotive Industry, Biofuel Industry, Commercial Buildings, Developing World Water Solutions, District Energy, Drinking water treatment, Family Homes, Food and Beverage Industry, HVAC OEM, Industrial Boilers, Industrial Utilities, Irrigation and Agriculture, Machining, Metal and Equipment Manufacturers, Mining industry, Pharmaceutical industry, Raw Water Intake, Washing and Cleaning, Wastewater Transport and Flood Control, wastewater treatment, Water Distribution, Water Treatment Solutions, Crawler Excavator
Power Source:
High Pressure
Outlet Size:
19 / 25mm
Product name:
Hydraulic Piston Pump Kawasaki Hydraulic Pump
KAWASAKI for 13-15 ton excavator:
KAWASAKI for 20-25 ton excavator:
K3V112DT K3V112DTP
KAWASAKI for 25-30 ton excavator:
K3V140DT K3V140DTP
KAWASAKI for 30-35 ton excavator:
KAWASAKI for 70 ton excavator:




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hydraulic pump R210LC-9 hydraulic pump 31Q6-10020,K3V112DTP-1H9R-9N62 hydraulic pump 31Q6-10010, K3V112DTP-1H9R-9P12 R220LC-9 hydraulic pump 31Q6-10050, K3V112DT-1DFR-9N62 R220LC-9S hydraulic pump 31Q6-10050, K3V112DT-1DFR-9N62 R220LC-9A hydraulic pump 31Q6-10010, K3V112DTP-1H9R-9P12 R225-9 hydraulic pump R235LCR-9 hydraulic pump 31Q6-10010, K3V112DTP-1H9R-9P12 R235LCR-9A hydraulic pump 31Q6-10010, K3V112DTP-1H9R-9P12 R250LC-3 hydraulic pump R250LC-7 hydraulic pump 31N7-10011, K3V112DT-1CER-9C32-2CL R250-9 hydraulic pump R260-5 hydraulic pump R260LC-9S hydraulic pump 31Q7-10050, K3V112DT-1DFR-9N62-Z R265-9 hydraulic pump 31Q7-10050, K3V112DT-1DFR-9N62 EC200B hydraulic pump 14571141 K3V112DT-1XJR-9N2D EC210B hydraulic pump 14571141 K3V112DT-1XJR-9N2D EC210B hydraulic pump 14595621,K3V112DT-1XDR-9N24 EC210C hydraulic pump 14531300, K3V112DTP-1P9R-1E32 EC220D hydraulic pump 14603650, K3V112DT-1V9R-1E42 EC235C hydraulic pump 14531300, K3V112DTP-1P9R-1E32 EC235D hydraulic pump 14603650, 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31E9-03020, K3V140DT-1R2R-9N29 R290LC-7 hydraulic pump 31N8-10010, 31N8-10050,K3V140DT-1CER-9C12-B R290NLC-7 hydraulic pump 31N8-10010,K3V140DT-1CER-9C12-B EC290B hydraulic pump 14524052,K3V140DT-1JER-9N04-1 hydraulic pump 14575661, K3V140DT-1XJR-9NE9 EC290C hydraulic pump 14531591,K3V140DT-151R-9NE9-AHV WZY40-8C hydraulic pump TBP140DT18CR-9N4A, K3V140DT18CR-9N4A R320LC-7 hydraulic pump 31N9-10010,K3V180DT-1RER-9C69 R320LC-7A hydraulic pump R335-7 hydraulic pump R320LC-9 hydraulic pump 31Q9-10010, K3V180DTP-1H9R-9NH9 R330LC-9 hydraulic pump 31Q9-10020, K3V180DTP-181R-9NJ9 R330LC-9A hydraulic pump 31Q9-10010, K3V180DTP-1H9R-9NH9, without PTO R330LC-9S hydraulic pump 31Q9-10030/31Q9-10080, K3V180DT-1H9R-9NJ9 R330LC-9SH hydraulic pump 31Q9-10020, K3V180DTP-181R-9NJ9, 带PTO R335-9 hydraulic pump R360LC-3 hydraulic pump R370 hydraulic pump R360-7 hydraulic pump 31NA-10010 R360LC-7A hydraulic pump 31NA-10030,K3V180DTH-1P0O-9C0S R370LC-7 hydraulic pump 31NA-10020/31NA-10021, K3V180DTP-160R-9C0G with PTO R380LC-9 hydraulic pump 31QA-10010,K3V180DTH-1H1R-9N3S R380LC-9A hydraulic pump 31QA-10010,K3V180DTH-1H1R-9N3S R380-9S hydraulic pump R380LC-9SH hydraulic pump 31QA-10021, K3V180DTP-170R-9N62 R385 hydraulic pump R430LC-9 hydraulic pump 31QA-10010,K3V180DTH-1H1R-9N3S R430LC-9SH hydraulic pump 31QC-10010, K3V180DTP-170R-9N62 EC330B/EC330C/EC360B/EC360C hydraulic pump 14616188, K3V180DT-152R-9N05 EC330B, EC360B hydraulic pump 14512271, K3V180DTP-101R-9N05 EC360C hydraulic pump 14638306 K3V180DT-1PER-9N56 EC360BLC hydraulic pump 14566659 K3V180DTP-151R-9N05-AHV EC380D hydraulic pump 14616199, K3V180DT-170R-9N5P EC380DL hydraulic pump 14638307 K3V180DT-1702-9N5P EC460B hydraulic pump 14531857 K3V180DTH10DR-9N2B-V SK450LC hydraulic pump LS10V00001F5, K3V180DTH17AR-9TOU-V SK480LC hydraulic pump LS10V00001F1, K3V180DTH-1MOR-9TOV EC700B hydraulic pump 14621492 K3V280DTH1CDR-9NOY-AVB



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15412 K3V63S 9Y00 Excavator Hydraulic Pumps For ZAX850 ZAX870 Piston Pump 0






Q. Which countries have you exported?

ASIA: Iraq, UAE, Turkey, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Bangladesh, Kuwait, Lebanon

EUROPE: Russia, Kazakhstan, Greece, Norway, Ireland

OCEANIA: Australia, Fiji, Kiribati, New Caledonia

AMERICAS: Canada, Jamaica, Brazil, Peru, Chile,

AFRICA: Angola, South Africa, Kenya, Tanzania, Zambia, Sudan, South Sudan, Egypt, Algeri, Nigeria


Q: How can I get a quotation?
A: A complete quotation based on the details as follows in your inquiry:
1. Part No. 2.Engine model 3.Machinery model 4. Description and size

Picture. 6.. Quantity 6. Other requirements, such as Packing, Shipping and so on.


Q: 4. When can you deliver after sending deposit?
It depends on your order quantity, if we have stock then need about 3~10 working days get it ready, if no stock we will start to produce when the deposite received. Usually it takes 15-60 days for different items.

Q: How do you pack the goods?
We have 20 years experience on export, finished products will be carefully handled by three steps:
1: Wrapped with packing paper or plastic bag;
2: HKT / FUP box or neutral box;
3: Put in an appropriate carton box or wooden boxes and be fixed firmly.


Q: How can I know the status of my order?
We will keep you udpate the process of the preparation, to ensure all issues are resolved prior to the delivery.products pictures can be provided if required. We shall send out the goods immediately after confirmation and you will get the tracking information right away


Q: How to guarantee your service?

A. Strict inspection during production

B. Strictly check the products before shipment to ensure our packaging in good condition

C. Track and receive feedback from customer regularly


Q: What will you do for quality complaint ?

A. We will respond to customer within 24 hours.

B. Our QC will retest the same stock item, if confirmed it is quality problem, we will make corresponding compensation